manifesto v1.0

We know a better way of building is possible
a wiser game of collaboration & cocreation

work that is play
play that is cocreation

We imagine a web3 hybrid guild
a brotherhood of professionals
a shared collaboration OS
a game we play together

Learning humbly
from wise elders and ancestors close and far

We contribute to building a better future
grounded in an optimistic view of today

A guild supporting its members to:

joyfully build
a meaningful livelihood
& a career to be proud of

A shared game & culture
of effective, joyful, collaboration

Take the red pill
Wake up to a wiser, more human way of playing work
wake up to a community where you
feel supported, stimulated, safe
a meaningful tribe to contribute to
people you feel connected to
a guild where you can
develop and achieve your success

build a better matrix


By building a web3 distributed-hybrid guild

By bringing together professionals and organisations to build embedded web3 product teams

By reinventing guilds for the web3, distributed and hybrid work era

By building a DAO guild both modern and ancient, work as game, a more joyful & effective way of creating and building web3 products

By sharing standards, patterns and best practices

By creating shared accountability for guild supported teams

By building a web3 tribe supporting life-long learning and development


If this manifesto resonates with you

If you are a product manager, developer, designer, agency, community builder, communications expert or any other professional building web3
If you want to startup a web3 company or DAO

Join the ∀udaX journey – become a guild member, hire guild teams, contribute, spread the word, or just follow our story

Let’s build, create, play, learn and grow together!


Building product teams has reached a tipping point

Creating a successful software business has grown in complexity, the range of “human technologies” required to do this effectively has grown massively – product management, agile, QA, analytics, security. Now with distributed organisations the level of knowledge and experience required to build an effective product team has reached a point where it’s unrealistic to expect a newly forming startup or DAO to be able to build both a product team and a business at the same time.

Web3 and distributed work – a new universe of opportunity 

Distributed organisations open up the possibility to create startups which are global from the start, but effective collaboration is based on alignment and shared culture – creating this remotely requires a coherent application of distributed team building best practices. 

Web3 enables us to build organisations based on completely new models of collaboration and value distribution, opening up completely new configurations for organisations.

Everyone needs a tribe

Today, with remote work it is natural for individuals to work on multiple projects, moving between organisations fluidly. Yet we still need a constant support group for mentorship, learning, professional development, support, and growth. Startups and DAOs struggle to give human support, corporations often do it poorly. A new approach is needed!

Time is now!